Book In our new book club!

…born from the need to read more books and to share our experience, based on the desire for more alternative and challenging events, and seeking a way for creative things in between work, morning coffees and afternoon margaritas, a reason to get out of our house and up from our couch, this is our new book club, Book In! 

Our first event was a book exchange party and you can see the video below – Just click on the photo or the link under it.

click here for the video:

Book In first party!

We asked our guests to bring a new or used book, wrapped in nice paper. We wrote numbers on the paper wrap and gave small pieces of papers with numbers to guests. Everyone then unwrapped the book they had received and we had some nice conversations and a great laugh with many of the titles and their recipients. It was a great night full of good (or not so good) books, laughter, conversation and (high) spirits 😉

I am really excited for our next event which is going to be movie themed!!!! We have loads of fun activities for our members and guests!!! A sneak peak will follow shortly 😉

some of the books that were exchanged were

The name of the rose (U. Eco)

Fahrenait 451 the graphic novel (R. Bradbury)

various titles of Greek literature

(πχ Εύα Ομηρόλη)

Living, loving, learning (Leo Buscaglia)

Fairy tales

( Φρικαντέλλα, η μάγισσα που μισούσε τα κάλαντα, Ε. Τριβιζάς)


Mystic river (D. Lehane)

Harry Potter

and more!!!


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