Book of the weekend – The Postcard Killers

By James Patterson and Liza Marklund









I know, what common can a woman author from Sweden have with fiction machine – weird plot generator – super best selling author from America? Probably the latter. They are both huge selling authors in the crime genre. A co-authoring of a book by those two names certainly raises much attention.

Not being a huge fan of Patterson, this book definitely took me by surprise and I really devoured it in two long sittings! Liza Marklund seems like a good Scandinavian player in the crime thriller scene (hadn’t read anything by her but I have already bought 2 of her books to see what the rave’ s all about).

Now, the story is really interesting (although quite -no, very- creepy): Someone all over Europe is killing couples on their honeymoon or on romantic vacation. Gruesome, inexplicable staged murders which have a lot in common. The killer (or killers) send notes about their intended killings to low key journalists in the cities they plan to attack. 

A cop from New York, whose daughter was one of the first victims forms an unpredictable alliance with a young journalist and try to find the killers before they hit again. 


Now, this for me was the best part of the book: a nice, original storyline. A nice big bowl of ice-cream with delicious toppings eaten on your couch on a Saturday afternoon.

Have you read it or anything by these two authors? Would you recommend another one of their books? I’d love to know!

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