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How to make your own blog in 5 steps

I can’t stop saying how much I love blogging! If you are reading your favorite blogs and would like to have your own but don’t know where to start I’m here to tell you its easier than you think! I’ll give you some basic steps and I promise that it gets easier the more you work on […]

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Office deco for translators

Do you sometimes feel your office space a little drab and uninspiring? I certainly do. I spend so many hours working there that a) I get bored with it b) it gets so cluttered I can’t breathe c) I start to hate it! After following all the tips on how to detox my office I decided […]

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Death and taxes and my birthday!

“Two things are certain in life – death and taxes” And very few things in life are both free and make your happy: D R E A M S is one of them. Inspired by Girl vs Globe‘s post on her bucket list and my birthday being tomorrow (omg I know!!!! I’m so depressed!!!) I decided to […]

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On my bookshelf #June 2015

In The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy, Michael F. Patton and Kevin Cannon introduce us to the grand tradition of examined living. With the wisecracking Heraclitus as our guide, we travel down the winding river of philosophy, meeting influential thinkers from nearly three millennia of Western thought and witnessing great debates over everything from ethics to […]

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Dreamology by Lucy Keating – the soundtrack!

Dreamology, by Lucy Keating would you like to meet The Boy of Your Dreams? Described as a YA Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this book tells the story of  a girl who has had vivid, fantastical dreams of the same boy her entire life, only to walk into a new school and discover he is […]

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The first weeks of January

οι τελευταίες εβδομάδες (πρώτες του χρόνου) ήταν πιεστικές αλλά και γεμάτες όμορφα πράγματα.. Ανάμεσα στην πίεση της δουλειάς και τις προθεσμίες προσπάθησα να στριμώξω μερικά πράγματα που με ευχαριστούν και με ξεκουράζουν. Στις 21 Ιανουαρίου είχαμε την πιο καταθλιπτική ημέρα του χρόνου για το 2014! Συνεχίζεται το σεμινάριο Ιστορίας Τέχνης που ξεκίνησα το 2013… αποφάσισα […]

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Like a cuckoo calling for home

  Yes! I finished it! 5 days reading in every spare moment it took me but did I enjoy most of them! I love it when a book makes me want to finish work/washing up/return early from the pub in order to read it! And no matter its downsides, this was a very interesting read! […]

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Casual Friday

just a few pics, as I have to finish my page-count for the day! what are you up to? any weekend plans? how about relaxing with a book, a fashion magazine, your favorite blogs and large cups of coffee? oh I’ll try some baking for my GB, too!  

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