I’ll bring the poison, can you hold the knife?

New song on my City of Lost Souls translation soundtrack:

“…the more involved you get with Jace, the more you wreck your life!” her mother snapped back. “Every risk you’ve taken, every danger you’ve been in, is because of him! He held a knife to your throat, Clarissa…”

on indestructible love and destructible humans

Oh it touches, itches, bites and wastes the time

Trying not to be in love with what is mine

With sirens singing

All the big things that we hate, we cry about

Will turn to gold if we just leave them out

Then let’s hope his silence is with us tonight

I’ll bring the camera – can you hold the light?

The dusty pages of the book that wakes the dead

Say don’t hold dear the times that we once had

It’s a pleasure hoping for the things to come

A little patience and the blood will run

Then let’s hope his silence is with us tonight

I’ll bring the poison – can you bring the knife?

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