Literary vs Technical Translation – 5 major differences

In literary translation you have fewer unknown words but spend more time deciding which word better conveys the original’s tone.     In literary translation you get paid less for translating more than simple meaning.  In technical translation you have to be highly specialized in the field you are translating (eg. Medicine, Finance, EU terminology etc) while in […]

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Office deco for translators

Do you sometimes feel your office space a little drab and uninspiring? I certainly do. I spend so many hours working there that a) I get bored with it b) it gets so cluttered I can’t breathe c) I start to hate it! After following all the tips on how to detox my office I decided […]

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The soundtrack of translation

While I was translating the fourth book in the Selection series, The Heir, by Kiera Cass,  I have been listening to various tracks, depending on the mood of the book and the narrative pace. It really helps me create an atmosphere and I feel its a nice way for my translation will be in harmony with […]

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The only solution for translator’s block!

A TIP FOR TRANSLATOR’S BLOCK. Translators, freelancers, creatives of any art…. We all have felt it. When the deadline is approaching quicker than Khaleesi’s dragons  but your progress is slower than George R.R. Martin’s writing pace of the next GoT book! You really want to give it all and finish the masterpiece you are translating […]

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Office Detox for Translators

I had some fun trying the Translator’s Wheel of Happiness and saw that one of my weakest points was my working environment. Although I designed my office myself, with simple, elegant touches including some of my favorite elements, I cannot deny the fact that I have since transformed it into a messy hell of printouts, files, knick-knacks […]

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η ποίηση είναι μουσική χωρίς νότες

… είχε πει ο Ρόμπερτ Μπερνς “εθνικός” ποιητής της Σκοτίας, “Βάρδος” των Βρετανικών Νήσων, δεύτερος σπουδαιότερος ρομαντικός ποιητής της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας μετά τον Σέλλει για πολλούς. Από στίχους του εμπνεύστηκαν τους τίτλους για τα βιβλία τους ο Τζον Στάινμπεκ και ο Τζ. Ντ. Σάλιντζερ (Άνθρωποι και ποντίκια και Ο φύλακας στη σίκαλη) και μέχρι σήμερα σε όλη τη Σκωτία στις […]

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