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Step up or step out – will there be no translators in 2025?

At the 1st Conference of Professional Translators and Interpreters, which took place on 30/09-01-10 in Athens, with the title STEP FORWARD – Translation & Interpretation in Greece and the International Market, we had the chance to attend a lot interesting speeches and presentations from professional translators and interpreters, regarding current […]

5 tips for getting experience in translation when you are just starting out

I know how frustrating it is when you are just starting out your career in translation (or any field, really) and no-one wants to hire you because you have no experience yet. Well, if someone among them doesn’t take the leap of faith to employ you, you will never gain […]

The importance of a day-off!

A tip for translator’s block. Translators, freelancers, creatives of any art…. We all have felt it. When the deadline is approaching quicker than Khaleesi’s dragons  but your progress is slower than George R.R. Martin’s writing pace of the next GoT book! You really want to give it all and finish […]

The weight of your love

Just a track from Editors, from the album of the same name which I totally loved last year! And a quick note before our workshop tomorrow to say I am a little bit stressed but happy too because you know what, 40 people enrolled!!! We were thinking about 10 or […]

Literary vs Technical Translation – 5 major differences

5σημαντικεσ διαφορεσ μεταξυ λογοτεχνικησ και τεχνικησ μεταφρασησ 5 RADICAL differences between Literary and Technical Translation: In literary translation you have fewer unknown words but spend more time deciding which word better conveys the original’s tone.   / Στη λογοτεχνική μετάφραση έχεις λιγότερες άγνωστες λέξεις αλλά αφιερώνεις περισσότερη ώρα στην επιλογή της λέξης που […]

Work in Translation Basics #1

Μετάφραση 101  σκέψεις για τη μετάφραση Ένα από τα πιο βασικά πράγματα για έναν επαγγελματία μεταφραστή είναι ο χώρος στον οποίο δουλεύει. Η μετάφραση είναι μια πολύ μοναχική δουλειά καθώς χρειάζεται πολλή συγκέντρωση και ακόμα περισσότερη έμπνευση, είτε μεταφράζει κανείς εγχειρίδια χρήσης των τελευταίων τεχνολογικών συσκευών, νομικά έγγραφα είτε τις […]

Open the door, fly

Tired of countless hours of translating/editing/proofreading in your office (real or home)? Want to do something different for a while and remind yourself of the joy of being a freelancer again?  Opportunities for Translators  Join a competition Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize – An annual prize, with different language focus […]

International Translation Day 2012 around the world!

International Translation Day – 30 September 2012 International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30th on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered as the patron saint of translators. What are translators and translation organisations doing on Sunday 30 September? FIT ITD Theme 2012: Translation as Intercultural Communication […]

What makes a weekend great !

This weekend catch up reading on: What makes a  children’s book great where authors, illustrators and literary agents discuss content, management and networking for the field of children’s books. What makes a literary translator where an Anglo-German speaking translator shares her journey into translation and freelancing. Moments we have all experienced, from […]

BCLT Translation Summer School July 2012

Sunday 22 July to  Friday 27 July* The programme will include workshops translating from French, German, Japanese and Spanish into English. For the first time we will also be offering workshops translating from Norwegian into English and from Dutch into English. Further programme information will be added as details are confirmed so please […]

Studying in a Castle – two weeks in Edinburgh

How would you like to attend classes in a building like this… stroll the gardens when the sun comes out, nap (er… study) in the library when it’s rainy outside, drink 5 o’clock tea between lectures and 8 o’clock pints when class is over…? Those of you who regurarly come […]

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